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Private Top Notch Tours in the Island of Jamaica

Full-Service Tour Planning

Guaranteed to have an exciting time of your life.  


Make your Caribbean vacation one to remember with Top Notch Tours JA. Our team offers a wide range of activities, including swimming with horses, hiking, ATV riding, and more, to help you immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Jamaica. We'll take care of all your planning needs, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

We Focus on Every Little Detail of Fun

We are Top Notch Tours JA

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From the initial concept to the big day, we are here to bring your dream vacation to life, always keeping your wishes and fun activities you have in mind.

We are the ones you wish to contact to create your private tour of our wonderful Island in paradise.  Contact your Jamaican tour guide today to design the perfect vacation getaway.  From private tours to custom tours, we have you covered.

(876) 234-0674

We Create Moments You will Never Forget

Our Expertise

One of the most sought-after places to visit within the island of Jamaica only.  The climb will never be forgotten and the wonderful feeling of the flowing waters trickling down the rocks over your back into the ocean.  Everyone should visit this place if they are going to go to Jamaica.  It is an amazing sight worth experiencing.

The refreshing cool crystal clear waters are a feeling you will never forget.

Taste of the Island

Are you ready for an unforgettable vacation in the Caribbean? Look no further than Top Notch Tours JA.


Explore the breathtaking beauty of the region and indulge in the authentic tastes of the islands with fresh-picked Coconuts, Aki, Cho Cho, Bread Fruit, Soursop, Mangos, Star Apple and so much more.  Let us show you the true essence of the Caribbean and the wonderful smells and authentic foods of Jamaica like grilled Jerk Chicken.

Visit Jamaica's popular restaurants or stop by our local community shops and experience the outside authentic cook shops.  Which ever you prefer we are at your service.

Bamboo Rafting

With Top Notch Tours JA, you can trust that our born Jamaican guides will provide a unique and authentic experience. We offer personalized tours that cater to your interests, with a focus on showcasing the natural beauty and rich culture of Jamaica. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the Caribbean!  Why not start with a memorable & relaxing bamboo ride.

Get inspired by our tours and see how we make dreams come true

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Letters From Our Top Notch Couples

What Our Vacationers Say

Our wedding was my most exciting day but my vacation was the most fun I ever had in my life with my new husband enjoying all that Jamaica has to offer.  Thanks to Top Notch Tours JA.  We will be back for our 1st anniversary.

Joel and Jeremy 2023

Exciting Adventures with Top Notch Tours JA Wedding Specials

We rekindled our marriage in Jamaica and it was the best time ever.  Our anniversary was full of excitement and endless activities with our wonderful and friendly Jamaican tour guide at Top Notch Tours JA.

He always said "Ya Mon No Problem Mon" and he made it happen.  Thank you for the wonderful experience of a lifetime.

Mary & John

Exciting Adventures with Top Notch Tours JA on our couples retreat

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