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Photo of Dr. Nathan R. Strahl, MD, Ph.D

Welcome to Nathan R. Strahl, MD, PhD's Forensic Psychiatry Services


As a leading Forensic Psychiatrist with expertise in the intersection of mental health and the legal system, I am dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized services to attorneys seeking expert psychiatric evaluations and consultations.


With years of experience in conducting psychiatric assessments, providing expert testimony, and collaborating with legal professionals, I offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of legal cases. Whether you are representing clients in criminal proceedings, civil litigation, child custody disputes, or other legal matters, my expertise can provide valuable insights and assistance.


My approach is characterized by thorough evaluations, evidence-based practices, and clear and concise communication. I work closely with attorneys to understand the unique aspects of each case and provide expert opinions that are grounded in clinical expertise and ethical standards.


As a Forensic Psychiatrist, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of my practice. I strive to serve as a trusted resource for attorneys seeking expert psychiatric evaluation and consultation services, and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next legal case.


Contact me (?today?) to learn more about how my expertise in Forensic Psychiatry can benefit your legal practice and help you achieve successful outcomes for your clients.



Nathan R. Strahl, MD, Ph.D. 6709 Turkey Farm Road  Chapel Hill, NC 27514    Phone (Cell) 919 810-3345  Fax: 419 821-8741

Your Professional Legal Solution

Real Testimonials from our clients who experienced our services

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It is very hard for me to write a review about Dr. Strahl. he is an amazing physician, an amazing listener, he is wonderful at knowing what to recommend and what to stay away from. Dr. Strahl knows more about me than anyone in my life. He is so comfortable to be around, which is not always the case both in life and in medicine, coming from a healthcare field myself. I have full faith in our prayers/physician relationship. The mold was surely thrown away after he was made! Such care&compassion!

 Keely Brown in Holly Springs

I’m so grateful to have such an amazing psychiatrist! I’ve been through 9 different doctors since the age of fourteen. I lied to them all and never once got the help I needed all along. Today I am recovering well and I’m grateful to be able to trust my doctor and actually speak to him about anything-truthfully! I hope he lives forever, because he is the most genuine doctor I’ve ever met! He cares for his patients and will always go above and beyond to help us! Thanks for your help! - Patient sKc

Sommer in Henderson, NC

Dr. Strahl is a great doctor. He has helped me turn my life around. I have my life and family back because of his help. I trust him more than any other doctor I've ever had.


Dr. Strahl is the most memorable doctor I have ever had. He is so down to earth and really gets to know his patients. Unlike every other doctor in Raleigh, he is sincerely concerned with helping his patients. I've been with him for 5 yrs now and he has seen and helped me through some very trying times. I faced some life situations during my recovery that were traumatic and terrifying, and I stayed away from opiates throughout these obstacles, thanks in large part to Dr. Strahl's care. Sometimes I feel like I have overstayed my welcome but he has never pressured me about cessation. I wish the patient limits would be lifted so this very caring man could help all the people who reach out to him for the lifesaving help he so generously and modestly provides.


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Hire a Professional who will consult with attorneys and provide the written forensic medical assessment documentation as well as attend Court and provide Verbal Testimony of one's mental health

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